About us

Quirkiness by P

Our goal is to make everyone feel happy and joyful everyday! We want to enable people to express themselves through their accessories - as they always say “handbags speak louder than words”.

I am Pamela Ramos, proudly Brazilian and founder of quirkiness by P. I always loved to be different and I am constantly hunting for the very best accessories to accompany my outfits. The quirkiness product line is specially selected to reflect my love for life, colours & empowerment.

Quirkiness by P was found in May 2023 with a mission of passionately delivering delight and pleasure to all my customers all around the world through our quirky bags.

The names of my bags are inspired by some amazing women in my family who I have always looked up to. Of special mention are Irene and Lili, who were my grandmas that always taught me to follow my dreams and hold close everything that is important to me.

Quirkiness by P also has exclusive custom bags for charity, with 20% of each sale going to the underprivileged children in my hometown in São Paulo - Brazil.

Quirkiness by P is also stocked at amazing boutiques in London and Stockport and we have ambitions to continue this growth across the country.

There is much more to come 🙃…